Wednesday, April 23, 2008

CooCooRon Cafeeee!!! + Shang Hai Ren Jia

Woohohoho!! I m back again!!.. Well.. pause a while for the weird food.. now.. we will move on with yummy and delicious food!! *wuakakakaka** Whatever our audiences demand.. we give it.. so.. Give us some ideas of urssss.. =)
CooCooRon Cafe & Shanghai Baoz
Today.. i will introduce two nice places for u guys after the one week searching and exploring in the mid term break.. The first place will be CooCooRon Cafe.. Hmm.. very UNFAMILIAR rite?? haha.. it is actually a newly open cafe at Green Road Area.. well.. the owner WaS my Junior in SMK Green Road.. Yes yes.. we are all greenians.. haha.. so have to support ya!!!!! Well.. i am sure most of you have no idea where it is.. So now i m going to tell u guys.....
How to go...???
Firstly.. If you do not noe green road area well.. Just go to green road til u see ChongLin Plaza.. The Coocooron Cafe area is just opposite ChongLin Plaza... When you reached the opposite area of ChongLin.. there are two shoplots where you can see our famous 4D and Toto... Tada!! u r rite u r rite.. when u saw 4D shop.. u are so near the cafe.. then.. Look UP!! and the CoocooRon Cafe is just above the 4D shop... 1st floor.. with pink wordings... Try out !
Well.. what can i say about CooCooron.. I have been there for a lot a lot of times di... I think its a very very comfortable place to mingle around and chit chatting.. Oh.. they have the same concept with Isabella.. the environment is good!! Also.. they allow u to write ur message and draw something.. just leave any writings and drawings on the wall.. haha.. Cool rite?? u can see the wall is full of words now.. so probably.. u just have to write on the floor.. its omos full di.. Also.. they have the wireless servicesss.. And KaRaOke!!! sing sing sing!! sing wadever u want.. its very fun!!! My dearest all.. if you don have place to "lepak"... just go there once and you will sure love it!!

See.. i took some picturessss... but not too much.. its for u to find out bah.. haha.. Oh.. my dearest don wan to expose her face to public.. haha!!!! Oh.. there are that platform for us to sit in.. its like japanese style.. the "tatami".. and of coz.. u have to take off your shoes o..

Lets find sth to eat!!!!

Strawberry milk shake.. weehehe!! yum yum!! RM 4.50

OH.. this is my favourite!! Vanilla Oreo.. My first trail in CooCooron.. OHH.. they have banana oreo too.. i must try next time.. hohoho! Rm 6.80

Green Apple Ice Blended.. During hot weather... u just cant resist it! Rm 4.50

Strawberry tea.. well.. it is so nice serve in cold.. they have hot strawberrt tea too.. but... Don try!! haha.. try the cold one la hor.. =) RM 4.50

Giant Blue blue thingy!! aduh.. forgot the name liao.. but its super big!!! rm 8??

OH my Gosh.. don let me see this!!! i will be so hungry everytime i saw this.. Grilled chicken chop.. the name is so common.. but the taste...!!! OH.. just loVe it! *thumbs up!* RM 10.90

Fish and Chips.. hmm.. i don really like it but some of my frens say its nice.. well.. at least the fish and chips here are special bcoz they giv you 3 types of sauce.. ahahaha.. u find out.. not going to tell u.. lalalala!! RM 10.90

Fried Chicken chop with rice.. Nice nice.. it come with mayo.. RM 6.. During lunch time.. RM 6 is including drinks.. very worth rite?

OH.. Grilled chicken chop with rice.. i like this one better... i mean compared to the fried one.. +) Rm 6 as well.. it has the lunch promotion as well..

Vietnamese cold noodles with fried chicken and popiah.. haha.. the fried chicken here is nicer.. dunno why.. haha.. RM 8..

GUys... give a try and tell me bout it.. u sure love it.. if you cant find the place.. leave a comment for me.. i will tell u again.. or just call me directly if u noe my numbers.. hehe!

Next!!!! Especially posted for BUN LOversss!!! *BAO BAO*

Tada.. AGain.. this is a newly open so-called restaurant.. hmm.. more like a traditional chinese shop la.. of coz.. owned by China ppl... it is near Jalan Kereta Api... well.. u can see the sign plate along the road... The design and all the furniture is like so.. CHINESE.. haha.. i mean it is really tradition..even i sit in it i feel so CHINESE.. haha.. For those who dunno chinese word.. the 4 letters there is pronouce as SHANG HAI REN JIA... means shanghai ppl.. =) roughly like that la..

They have lotsa different bao.. (Steamed buns) Of coz.. i cant eat much la.. so only order some to share lo...

This one got a very cute name.. Gou bu li bao.. haha.. i suppose it means dog cant survive without bao??? haiz.. so deep.. i oso dunno la.. its rm 2.50 a plate.. ( 3 in a plate) yum yum...

"Shanghai shui jian bao" They actually fried the bottom of the bao to make the botton yellowish and crispy.. then put it to steam.. =) I don really like this because it is kinda too thick.. Oh.. i mean the skin.. haha (pastry)

Lastly!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.. "Shanghai xiao lung tang bao".. means shanghai soup bun.. Inside the bun is meat and soup.. wow.. but so sad.. everytime i bite it.. the soup all gone liao.. next time have to bring my own BIG spoon.. haha... Oh.. becareful when you eat this.. the soup is hot.. becareful with ur lips o.. =) ANYWAY.. if you go there.. MUST TRY!!!!!
Oh.. For your info, the soup bun is limited.. i mean limited per day.. they only sold out like certain amount per day.. so.. go early... not after 5pm o.. Don Miss it!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

WeirD food (part 2) --- EEEEEE!!! *gross*

*Basically this is my post due to the high DEMAND for weird food* hehe!!

haha.. i have open the suggestion for my dearest fellow readers to decide whether i should post up the Gross food.. OHH.. sorry.. shud say the weird food around the world.. and surprise surprise.. within two weeks.. i got the majority of the readers wanted me to post up weird food around the world.. well.. actually is a good thing as well because at least we will know the existence of the food.. some when i see it.. i will even *shocked*!!! haha.. How would people eat that?? for me, it may be gross... but for their country and culture.. it maybe their local famous Food!! haha!! lets seeee...

sTART witH the YummY one FIRST....!

weehehehe!! Cone Pizza from Korea.. well.. its consider a weird food.. BUT.. its the tastIEST among the othersss.. it is sold throughout all the grocery stores.. ^^

Nothing like a Beijing street market to test your gag reflexes. Yep, still works! (For you brave souls out there.) OMG!!! my goosebumps just pop out when i m writing it.. *faint*

Here's a video with some BRAVE guy munching with his yummy black scorpion..

These dried lizards found in Hong Kong are used for soup. It is normally sell in chinese medical shop.. haha.. you know wad i mean rite?? *gigglesss!!*

Imagine you are planning to shop for some grocery... u see nice yummy tuna.. sardines... canned curry chicken.. canned beans and.. TADA.. this appear!!! CANNED water BUG!!! its somemore its GIANT canned water bug!!! with bread? or cooked?? hehe!

This is also spelled Baloot, Baalut, Baluge, or Balute. Half-hatched chicken egg. A baluge is a fifteen- or sixteen-day fertilized chicken egg. Open an egg and pop a sixteen-day-old incomplete chicken fetus into your mouth, complete with partially formed feathers, feet, eyeballs, and blood vessels showing through the translucent skin of the chick. YUCKS YUCKS!! i feel like wan to vomit to tell u the truth.. No matter how much money you are giving me.. i m not going to eat this!!!! A chicken or duck fetus??!!!! OMG!!!! however, this is super famous in Philipinesss..

Again.. weird food from China.. Baby mice in wine. haha.. *mousey mousey*