Friday, March 28, 2008

Weird Food Around the World.......

Well.. In order to make things special.. I will post on Weird Food around the World.. However.. some are too Gross so i am still thinking whether i wanted to post them up o not.. Well.. u guys decide it..


Borewors - sheep,pig,cattle intestines stuffed with meat and offcuts, spiced with herds and cooked on an open flame (barbeque) and served as a meal or snack.

This meal is from South Africa... OMG.. I don wanna live at South Africaaaaa......


This Meal is from Mexico and Spain.. its Raw fish marinated in citrus juice overnight.

Duck Tongue

I am sure you guys have heard of Duck Tongue.. It is actually originate from China.. Popular at Taiwan and HongKong as well..


A boneless turkey that is stuffed with a boneless duck that is stuffed with a boneless chicken. Opinions about our holiday turducken feast broke down along largely gender lines. The male demographic appeared to be quite pleased with our 15-pound Cajun delicacy a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken.

From USA.. well.. u can see how it is called TurDucken.. Turkey, Duck and Chicken.. hahaha!! cute??

Anyway..these are not the very gross one.. i still have very very very gross one like Baalut from Phillipines.. HAggis... Baby Mice Wine and a lot more.. *haiz..still thinking wanna post o not..*

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sushi King (Part 2) -everyone's fav-

Due to the demanding and varieties of food from sushi king~ YES!! Here i come.. the part 2 food photos for Sushi King! haha! i just went last night.. And we ordered A LOT.. just for the sake of the pictures for this blog! ^^
Okay.. like what i have mentioned at Sushi King Part 1.. The pricing is according to the colours of the platesss.. However, they do have side dishes.. This are some of the very popular ones. =) For all the sushi and side dishes.. i din put up their japanese name la hor.. use english to describe better la.. =)

Fried Chicken Japanese Style.. RM 5.90. One word - YUMMY!

This is the Japanese Tako.. "zhang yu shao" in chinese lo.. And of coz.. sushi king's one taste better than the Jln Song one lo.. Price oso different ma.. RM 6.90 for 5 biji~


Egg sushi.. The egg is sweeet!!!


Its mashed potatoes with mayo and the japanese pea.. haha!

Fried chicken with mayo.. For parents who don realli like raw stuff. =)

Salmon Skin Rolly! Its fried salmon skin.. Don giv me the nasty face.. its super nice o!


Golden Balls.. I love this one but its can easily make us full.. It was Half of an egg in a fried skin..toppings are crab stick slides with mayo!! Imagine how nice it is! *drooling*

OH!! this is my first try on this! Fried Fish Cake!! At first i was like.. "what? u wanna order this? its just like ordinary fish balls!".. but once it comes.. i "forcefully" try one and i was like... "WHY IS IT TASTE SO SO SO UNEXPECTEDLY DELICIOUS!!!" and i took TWO plate of these! *grin wide*
people say " never judge a book by its cover. " AND i would say :" Never judge a dish by its skin ". hahaha!!!


California Maki rolled with raw salmon! weehehe.. its nice but i think it will be better if there is more mayo inside. =)

Fried Prawn with Prawn eggs topings and mayo.. comment urself.


Baby Octopus!! GOSH.. ITS SIMPLY DELICIOUS.. but i kinda scare when i look at it.. so gelik especially the round round head.. hohoho! PLeasee~~ don look at it and just feel the yummyness! hahaha!!!

Prawn fried with bread crumb flour? hahaha... the prawn is superb! I love big prawns!

UNAGI~~ *eel* If you read the Sushi King Part 1.. U will noe i m so much in love with UNAGI!! hahaha!!! I love u, unagi.. oops.. shud be.. i love to eat u, unagi~~~~~

Fried prawn.. Ooohh.. Did i repeat?? NOPE NOPE! this is different kind of fried prawn.. dunno wads the different but this one is "fairer" and the taste is different.. I like the previous one more~ This one has lotsa flour but luckily the prawn is still BIG enuf. so.. yum yum for it. =)

Hahaha!! look at the mess! OMG! Cant believe we can eat so much!!!!!! U may feel like the picture of the sushi is less than the plate.. and u are right! because we also eat some of our favourites which is already posted at Sushi King Part 1 so i did not repeat it lo.. =)

Anything to share during ur time at sushi king?? come on~~ tell me more~ =)

AGain, Sushi King at Boulevard is better~~ ooo.. i look like a Boulevard promoter.. haha~!! but really true.. food at boulevard is owes better.. i dunno why~~~ =)

The Manhattan Fish Market

Haha! as what i have promised u guys.. COMING UP NEXT... The Manhattan Fish Market!! Actually this is one of my favourites~ haha.. sure u guys will think how many "favourites" i have in my mind rite? haha.. as long as its good food.. that will be so called part of my favourites lo.. I Love food bah~ *shy*

TADA! once u see u will know this is from BOULEVARD! YES!! I highly recommended you to go to the BOULEVARD one.. if u went to the spring one instead.. dont complain The Manhattan Fish Market food is lousy ok? hehe! *deal*

Our drinks! Cappucino.. This one cost RM 7.90 per cup. I ordered Peach tea.. Yea!! peach tea is my love! haha.. and surprisingly.. Peach tea and Ice lemon tea is free flow.. when u see in the menu that it is written BOTTOMLESS drinks.. means u can neverr see the bottom.... FREE FLOW La it means! ^^

Before the meal fest starts, they give us this one... Actually its different kind of sauce for the platter? i think so. =)

Chef Special soup! They have different soup everyday.. its all depends on the chef. Even in the menu, the ingredients is written : "depends on chef's mood". haha! so cute!

AAHHAAA!! this is the one i m toking!!! the big fest!!! GIANT SEAFOOD PLATTER!! wow!! it is actually enuf for 3 person.. look at the portion! superb! They have garlic rice, Fried fish fillet, fried sotong ring, Fried oyster, Fried prawns and so on!! OMG!! i m drooling now.. haha.. and its only RM 48.90!

Dory Fish in Butter and plum sauce.. hehe! I can tell u this is incredibly nice! it may look nth special but the taste is just unexpectable! TRY THIS!! its RM 19.90. =)

What i can say for the Manhattan Fish Market meal is really satisfying! I can guaranteed u i will visit the restaurant very very very soon! haha.. sorry the picture of food is kinda little.. what to do.. how much can 2 girls eat le~~ *grin* hopefully u will go and try it and giv me some pics???
ANy experiences of going to Manhattan Fish Market?? share share~~~

Isabella Cafe*

Yesterday, i went out 'lim teh' with my friends...and we went to a place called Isabella Cafe. it was situated at 4 & half mile. from the out side, it looks old to me. Cause it is an old shop....but the moment i walk into the shop...i feel like im in 'heaven'....the surrounding was so nice and cozy...and all i see was white satin clothes hanging around & above the room..

inside view of Isabella Cafe

Quite a lot of people go there to 'limteh' with their friends...but im sure some people out there still dont know the exist of this nice cafe to hang out... ok lets talk about the food there..hehe...

Prawn spaghetti with cheezy creamy sause..yummy!!

Fried Sotong

Fried Prawn & fruit Salad...Double Yummy!!!

Fried chicken wings..

Yam juice....sound weird but quite nice..

this looks like rojak drink...haha..but is good for health..but..i forgot what it is called..erm.. it is a kind of tea.. full with vitamin C!!! so if u are having a flu..drink this..u will feel better.. :)

So guys..feel free to drop by Isabella Cafe the way..the price there is cheap!!....all fruit juice are price at RM or not....hehe

^^ ~~* Fishyyyyy*~~


*Manhattan Fish Market*

Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers! I went to Kenny Rogers when it is newly open at Boulevard. =) Hmm.. not really "NEWLY" open because i went there fews after it is opened. The power of Sushi King is strong enuf that it grabs all of the customers from Kenny Rogers.. and thats when I went there because there's no need me to queue up for it.. and the feeling of all the waitress serving only us.. make us feel like king!!! *muahahaha* Oh.. there is a promotional that time and we got the "package"!

Cheezy Marcoroni + Kenny Roger's Rice + One quater chicken! weehehehe! I like the cheezy marcoroni!! The whole set is only RM 19.90 (under promotion)

Garlic wedges + Spaghetti in Bolognise + One quater chicken! The garlic wedges taste "garlicless".. u noe wad i mean rite? RM 19.90 as well.

AHHHAA! the drinks there got all kinds of fancy names.. i got a nice one. hmm.. the red one is mine... it is called something like summer love~ and it end up only F&N red with one scoop of ice cream! ^^ Oh.. the yellow one even worse.. its "gasless" orange with ice cream.. see.. u can imagine how it taste like... =(

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sushi King! (Part 1)

One thing about SUSHI KING is... everyone loves it!! yeah!! haha!! i m so excited when i post this one.. ^^ We currently have two franchise of Sushi King at Kuching. One at Boulevard and one at The Spring.. I can tell u firmly to dine at BOULEVARD's sushi king because THERE IS A DIFFERENCE between the sushi king at Boulevard and The Spring.. If you really dont believe, try both and compare.. u will then noe.. i have a few friends who have tried and they reallly did see the differences.. Sushi at The spring is small and the ingredient is less. Take for example my favourite, Egg mayo (picture no.2).. Egg mayo at Boulevard is mixed with mince onions and lotsa prawn eggs on top.. BUT the one at the spring is SMall, NO OnioNs.. only plain eggs.. and only a few drops of prawn eggs.. Perhaps.. i can even count them.. SERIOUSLY!!! Food the boulevard is owes the better.. Manhattan Fish Market as well.. I will show u next time. =)

Okay.. lets show some drooling pictures!! haha!! I M SO IMPRESSED of myself taking the pictures?? dont the pictures look attractive?? *nose growing*

Its smashed salmon and tofu skin! hehe! this one taste sweet!

OHH!! like wad i have mentioned.. MY FAVOURITE egg mayo! i will never missed this whenever i go to sushi king!! muahahaha!! i want it now!!!

Salmon~ another my top 5 list! ^^

Crabstick in Mayo

Octopus leggies~~

Prawn eggssss!

The green ones is spicy.. ^^

This one is merely tasteless..

Look like California maki but its spicy.. u noe.. the green green stuff~

OHH!! another top 5!! haha!! I just love eel!!!! UNAGGGI!!!

SEEE~ how powerful sushi king is to influence our appetite! weehehe!!

OH.. I m going to sushi king today later in the evening~~ wait and see what i bring to u guys ya~~~ *muax*

Btw.. the pricing according to the pricing..
Blue - RM 2
Beigh - RM 3
Pink - RM 4
Red - RM 5
Purple - RM 6
Now they have promotion of Buy one free one with the sms thingy! Contact me if u want! hehe!