Monday, May 19, 2008

Big Apple DoNuts + Mitsu ShaBU sHabU

Well... After my heavy heavy assignments.. I am back updating my bloggy again!! weehehe!! Although i have been busy.. but still.. i took all the photos of FOOD whenever i go.. haha.. and i manage to collect a lot bah.. *haappieee*

Today is about light meal like Big Apple Donuts.. and heavy meal like Mitsu Shabu Shabu.. lets see which one attractss you!!

Light Meal Vs Heavy Meal???

The light one..... Big APple Donutss...

Yes!! Donuts Donuts Donuts!! In KL, we have our famous J Co donuts, Dunkin donuts and Big Apple Donuts.. and in Kuching now.. wuahahaha... we have the Big Apple.. I am sure most of you have tried it already rite? SO now is time for us to discuss bout it.. *teehehe*

Here's some pictures of the donutss... which one you prefer the most??? Hmm.. u see.. ppl who noes me.. i don realli like chocolates.. so.. my favourite will be the California ALmond.. Say Cheese.. Green Tea one when it is serve COLD only.. Duren not bad oso for Durian lovers!!! *teehehehe* For chocolate loverss.... most ppl say The ALien and Chocochino is nice.. I have tired it and.. BOOM!! woohohoh!! Yummy!!! *just a bit SweeT*

Clockwise --> Snowy (vanilla cream), Mango, Say Cheese, The Alien, Chococino, Pink Panther (strawberrrry)

Clockwise again --> The Original Glazer, Say cheese, Duren, California ALmond, Green Teaser, Mango.

Clock Wise --> Snowy, The ALien, Duren, California ALmond, Say CHeese and.. Go Nutzz (nuts)

Clockwise --> Kimochi (peanutssss), Chocochinno, California Almond, Say Cheese AGAIN, and Duren... haha!!

Clock Wise --> Chocochino (famous in my family), California ALmond (Family's favourite), Say Cheese ( my Superb), White peanut?? (its peanut butter inside.. forgotten the name..), Say Cheese AGAIn.. HAHA, Green teaser ( green tea) serve hot.. eeeiks!! not nice in HOT.

WEll.. ahaha.. those are the ones i always buy for my family.. *lalalala* ANyone have any good suggestions?? I mean if you got something nice but i have tried then can share share here.. =)

The pricing are..

1 for RM 2.30
6 for RM 12
12 for RM 22

The more you buy the more you save.. I love dOnuts!!!!!!

and the heavy one..


What is in your mind when you see this???

YES!!! shabu shabu!!! AGAIN!!! shabu shabu is alIve in Kuching.. haha.. we USED to have one before at Jln Song but.. hmm.. nvm.. we have another one now.. A lot of ppl are confused of SHAbu SHabu and Steamboat.. well.. I think i can share some of my views.. First.. Shabu Shabu is mainly served for one person.. and steamboat is kinda sharing.. You flip and flop you meat in your pot and served once its cook.. but in steamboat.. ppl used to throw everything in the pot.. haha.. true rite??

Here the NEW shabu shabu shop at Kuching.. It is actually situated just behind SWINBURNE... YES!!! YES!!! For all swinburners.. it is just located at the new building behind Swinburne.. Have a try ya.. its called MITSU SHABU SHABU.. if not mistaken.. one thing not good about it is because it is NOT buffet style.. =(

Our Saucee... =)

Hmm.. In the shop.. they do not only served Shabu SHabu ingredients.. they also served COOKED FOOD... Such as...

Chicken Dumplings.. 5 pcs for RM 5

Fried Rice.. RM 5..

This one is nice... FAir lady noodless.. wow.. i m sure you wil like this.. RM 5

There are still a lot of choicess.. I even take a picture of the menu so you guys can see it yourself.. haha.. So now.. Raw Food....

Hand made Fish ball and Beef Ball.. RM 2.50 for 5 biji... ^^ The beef one is nice! haha

Beef Ham Set.. RM 18.. its a set with a Vege platter..

Side order Beef Tenderloin.. RM 13

My favourite!!! Lamb Shoulder Set... muahaha!! its a set.. so it comes with the Vege platter as well.. RM 16

Chicken SEt.. RM 13

arrr.. this is the VEGE PLATTER i am toking about.. haha.. its is with the SET...

But if you want more.. they have lotsa choice..

Golden Mushroom.. RM 3 ( i love this one)

Long Cabbage.. One of my favourite as well.. but the portion is too too too BIG!! RM 3

Black Fungus.. OHH.. NOt recommended.. I cooked for like 2 hours but it is still ... HARD? haha.. RM 3

Weeheeee!!! The overall lovely table of ours...

Other than food.. of coz.. BEVERAGES!!!

The MITSU SPECIALTY COFFEE... (latte)... YUM! RM 3.50... Try try!

Green Tea.. RM 2.50

BlueBerry Chocolate.. RM 3

Peach Ice .. RM 3

The price of the beverages are roughly around RM 2.50 to RM 3.. only their special coffee is RM 3.50.. =)

ANd.. here;s the menu.. well.. i noe its kInda small and you guys cant really see it.. haha.. its OK la.. My purpose for putting this up is just to let you guys browse through and noe how much Food they offered... MUAHAHA!

AFter TWO HOurssss.... this is what we left.. *grin*

My pot!!! wok??!! haha.. nvm.... *too full*

So.. Which one do you prefer????????


SquareRootOne said...

I've never been to Apple donuts....will try it..seems that it's a little cheaper than dunkin... for shabu shabu...i'd prefer the non-halal one like the ones in Japan(some in japan uses sake for shabu shabu).. but i guess in malaysia things have to be halal so that owners can have wider range of customers...

Fabiola & Woon Yien said...

hahaha!! yes.. u got the point.. hmm.. actually.. no offence for dunkin donuts fans.. but i think Big Apple Donuts are much more better.. I actually don really like dunkin donuts becox its too sweet for me.. hehe!! this one is jus nice..

hmm.. japan shabu shabu.. *sobxx* wait til i got the chance to go Japan i m sure i will post tonnes of it.. hehe!

U r so resourceful mike!!!

Neko said...

hey.. saw u update ur blog.. cool.. i love donuts myself.. recommend you the pink panther.. i love that.. =) OMG.. i m so drool.. haha..

Jacky said...

I saw Neko here! I am actually browsign through the post and i saw neko.. haha.. he is sitting beside me now.. neko! u r the loyal fans of the blog yea..? haha.......

well.. personally.. i prefer the shabu shabu more.. but like what you say.. its not buffet.. i wonder how it count? surely very very very very super expensive for me to be fulll.... *AARGGHHH*

Cute MoMoko said...

Hi.. i m the newbie for this blog.. neko intro me.. =)

I m surprised when i saw the blog.. well.. what can i say.. i just love seeing food.. those donuts and shabu shabu drive me crazy.. hehe..

Talking bout the shabu shabu.. it really makes my taste bugs awake.. that day my frens and i went.. 4 of us and we only spent like RM 60.. cheap rite??

Fabiola & Woon Yien said...

to cute momoko..

uuilkkss.. thanks a lot for supporting this blog.. *happie** yea.. its kinda full for girls but guys.. not sure la.. jacky.. haha.. next time we go then we see how much u can eat lor...

To neko and jacky..

So touched!! haha.. really the loyal fans o.. *hugs*

Neko said...

haha.. i saw u online ya.. why haven sleep?? ahahaha.. so am i lah.. come on girl.. post up more food. i love the blog! haha.. *.*

btw, i tried the shabu shabu.. its expensive for me caused i ate a lot of meat.. but anyhow, its pretty good tho.

James-Macho said...

i just came back from sdyney, well, i have not try any of these so probably you should bring me there.

Zui said...

i am back. wow.. it really amzed me when i saw this blog. Big apple donuts.. u post it coz of me? haha.. since when the shop jus open i oledi ask u post le.. but u don wan.. but anyway.. i love u for posting this! everything looks yummy as before.. OMG..i think i m goin for it tomolo.. ur fault hor.


SExy Cutie said...

Big Apple is second, J co is the first..Krispy Kreme is the third and Dunkin donuts is not in my list. hihi!

Fabiola & Woon Yien said...


aiya u.. haha.. that time i say later is because i don have pictures of it ma.. and i m not the kind of person queuing up LONG for new food ma.. so i jus wait and accumulated the donuts pic until i have enuf then i post ma.. ^^hehehe! sorry lorrr..


Sexy Cutie..

haha... Krespy Kreme is nice!

比克 said...

在台湾我们也有类式的东西。 可是我好想尝尝马来西亚的哦

BiBI said...


Anonymous said...


May I know where is Mitsu Shabu Shabu? Behind of Swinburne as in opposite the Spring? Thanks

Teddy Bear said...

yes yes.. it is kind of opposite spring.. the building beside the building opposite spring.. its a new shop lot. it only open at nite time if not mistaken. =)

Cute MoMoko said...

teddy bear,

uhu! I thought u duno the place eh. haha.. have you tried the fair lady noodles i ask u to?

爱敖犬的我 said...

我比较不爱涮涮锅因为它的味道没比火锅好。 在我们这有牛奶锅 酸菜锅 番茄锅 之类的 你也可以写下你们有的锅哦 我好想知道哦 我月尾就会过去了

teddy bear said...

yeah jane.. i tried it.. and.. i still prefer the salad one. BUT.. the meat is so big in slices. yum!

Cute MoMoko said...

idoit u!!!! don reveal my name!!! refer me as MOMOKO!!!!!!!!!!!