Monday, March 24, 2008

Taipei 101

Some of you may have heard of it.. some of you might have not. Taipei 101 is located at BDC area.. to be more accurate.. it is at RH plaza just beside Expert. Hmm.. more clues.. when u reach Green Gallery.. walk along the path way and you will see it somewhere behind it. ^^ *teehehehe*

101.. of coz it served Taiwanese food.. The price is quite reasonable.. it is just like a normal cafe-like-places.. I went there just because I have no where to go and just wanna try out new things.. hehe! OK!! lets see the food!!! yeahhhh!!! These picture is taken using Sony Ericsson phone so the quality is not as good as what i have previously la.. Afterall.. camera is better bah~ *muahaha!*

Tada!! the menu! >.<

This is fabby's... Pork chop rice!! look delicious?? yes.. it is la..hahaha.. and it cost only around RM 6 if not mistaken.. this was long long time ago when we took this pic. =)

My pork rib noodles.. hehe! yes i noe.. both of us love pork~ ^^ Oh.. actually i realli do love this noodles.. i guess they just have their own recipe of the soupy! lalalalalala!!!
p/s : the pork is too much.. =(

The best thing that i ordered from Taipei 101 is actually the beverages!! Fabby's one is normal.. Mine!!! i order green tea milk!! hohoho!!! ITS SUPER NICE!!!! but too bad i forgot where i put the copy of the picture.. haiz!!!!! Oh.. they even have Heineken Milk!! hahaha.. wonder how it taste??? Go try out and let me noe o! ^^


Richard said...

hmmm.. a typical chinese restaurant, mostly non-Halal food, recommended for non-muslims XD

eve said...

the food isn't too bad, but they don't provide English menus.

Zui said...

Haha.. they shud really provide english menu coz there was one time where i went there with my frens and she do not understand the chinese menu.. i explain to her and the waiter keep on looking at us! how embrassed! haha

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. the food at Taipei 101 is just ok for me. I like the beverages more. =)

Alan said...

I live near BDC area so i m very familiar with Taipei 101.. Have you guys ever tried the dumplings there?? For me, it was fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Taipei 101???!! HAHAHA.. funny! izit the one at Taiwan? Gosh.. i wonder why they put that name.. However.. take more pictures next time o girl, like the dumplings Alan mentioned. I m a great fans of Dumplings. Especially taiwan dumplings