Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Food & Tea Restaurant ( Part 1 )

Food & Tea Restaurant... familiar?? yes!! u got it.. it is located at our favourite THE SPRING.. well.. the first time i went there.. my friend told me the food is not recommended.. so that time i just have some dessert and headed to other place.. second time.. with my girls.. we went there for lunch.. wow.. surprisingly.. the place is almost full.. we waited for the tables.. well.. although it is not very long.. but waiting for the waiter to serve us is REALLY long! Perhaps.. they really need to employ more ppl.. i went there for almost 4 times oledi and i have to wait for VERY LONG for the ppl to serve us.. HAiz!!!

OK.. back to the food.. the food is nice.. some have big portion but some have smaller ones.. avoid ordering the noodles because it taste just ok.. try some cheezy thing.. or baked thingy.. or even their side orders.. the dessert there is recommended as well.. :) ( will be reviewed in Part 2 )

Chicken chop with rice...its yummy but see how small the portion is.. *teehehe*

Noodles with ham and egg.. Just normal noodles with frozen ham ( just one tiny piece) and the egg. The price is near to RM 7.. thats y noodles are strongly not recommended. :)

Twin sauce spaghetti with beef. NIce! try this!

My lemon juice. just like normal

Apple green tea! *recommended* go to try and give me some comments! hehe!
Fab & Yien


leeshing said...

muahahah...who is the one behind the bake rice hor?? so familiar...kejinya!!!

leeshing said...

the bake rice very nice la!!! yum yum

Anonymous said...

Hi, exactly where is the place at Spring, could you guide me?

Richard said...

look delicious :D

Fabiola & Woon Yien said...


Its actually outside the mall.. its just in front of the front parking lot. let me noe if u still cant get it ok? =)

Zui said...

i owes wanted to try the seafood roll but its owes out of stock. haih... yeaa.. i noe u owes went there la.. saw u once b4.. haha!