Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Our first food post.. Oregano.. have any idea where is Oregano?? Well.. it used to be at Travilion area but now they moved to somewhere near center inn before the Shell station. It is located quite behind and I dint know that until my friend bought me there during my birthday eve. :)

Hmm.. the food is alright there.. average lo.. and the price is range around RM 15 to RM 30. Ok.. lets see what we've got. :)
This one is mine! hahaha!! my favourite lamb shank.. :) umm.. well.. its nice.. but i prefer many other places'. *hahaha*

Lamb Leg.. the potato is nice! ^^

Fish and chips.. well.. hmm.. no comment.. my friend say its good.

Chicken chop!! see how small it is.. but its nice.. ppl owes say.. the less u got the better it taste! hahaha!

My peach tea.. the portion is huge! but it taste just alright.

Oh..this one.. hmmm.. sth like blue ocean.. i mean the name.. but its actually some blue liquid with sprite and lemon.. haha.. don try!

Well... is the comment negative or postitive? haha.. actually certain food at oregano is nice but not all.. so.. if u wanna try the food there.. make sure u don try the lamb leg.. haha.. its full of bones.. *oops*
Fab & Yien


Anonymous said...

Hi, i stumbled upon your blog and i happen to find it really really interesting. I'm not much of an eat out person myself but this blog provides me with the convenience of not actually sampling the food to know how good it is by reading the reviews. The pictures are lovely as well. Thanks! ^_^

Richard said...

besides western food, does the restaurant have any other kind of food? for example, local food?

Zui said...

I never went to the one u mention but i went to the one at travilion. is it the same?

JoeYen said...

wahaha~~!! yaya.. don try the lamb, u will more hungry becoz lots of energy used for cutting it.. hiak hiak.. but i recommend pasta & spaghetti.. it's 9s.. others..ee.. nt recommence.. wahaha.. oppss..

Alan said...

I love the pasta there. I agree with joeyen.. i think Oregano is only good at pasta and spaghetti.. others like lamb or chicken.. its either the portion is to small or the bones are too much. But i think the ifsh and chips too great

Alicia said...

I tried the Seafood pasta! Its heaven!!!!!!!!

Benjamin said...

I think you have a lot of fun in dealing with this assignment? Great work.. ur blog definitely triggers my hunger! haha

SquareRootOne said...

They basically moved because the rental at trav was a little too high..and might be due to security reason...the food at oregano..well..i'll just say there are other places you can get as good but lower price...once in a while it is nice to hang out at oregano...