Monday, March 10, 2008

Our 1st Post!

Wuahahaha! Greetings to everyone~ Surprised to see two authors in a blog?? YES.. its us again.. fabiola and woon yien.. we are like so called "joint venture" to establish a blog.. and of cause.. why two people in a blog? well.. haha.. actually this blog is an assignment for our HIT 1403 ICT environment subject.. so remember to PLEASE drop by and give us some comments ya.. your comments are really super important for us.. so.. i noe what we mean right?? Please always do drop some comments.. i mean.. lotsa lotsa lotsa comment.. anything will do.. we really do appreciated it if you do so.. :) love you all!! *muaxx*

So.. lets talk about this blog.. As u can see.. food-channel.. heave of food.. FOOD FOOD FOOD.. yessss~~ its all about food.. we will be blogging anything related to food!! hehehe!! Interested?? Yup.. we are so looking forward to your support..!

Okay.. lets not bothering so much bout the introduction.. again.. if u see friends around.. so any food lovers that you noe.. or u don noe.. don hestitate to promote our blog for us~ thanks a lot a lot..!

See u around and thanks for the support. :) *hugs*


Fab & Yien


Richard said...

lol the butter prawn banner is yummy

Anonymous said...

Hi girl~~~ I am here to give u my support.. Happy? haha.. btw.. ur partner has a very unique name. =0

Anonymous said...

dum dee dum dee dum dee.. just spamming ur blog. haha.. I am so impress of your lecturer having to make a blog as an assignment.. he certainly understands his/her students.. If my lecturer here is same as yours. i think i wil get the top marks lo. ^^ *claps for ur subject n lecturer*

p/s: i did ask my classmate to drop u a comment. If they dont.. do tell me. haha!