Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Manhattan Fish Market

Haha! as what i have promised u guys.. COMING UP NEXT... The Manhattan Fish Market!! Actually this is one of my favourites~ haha.. sure u guys will think how many "favourites" i have in my mind rite? haha.. as long as its good food.. that will be so called part of my favourites lo.. I Love food bah~ *shy*

TADA! once u see u will know this is from BOULEVARD! YES!! I highly recommended you to go to the BOULEVARD one.. if u went to the spring one instead.. dont complain The Manhattan Fish Market food is lousy ok? hehe! *deal*

Our drinks! Cappucino.. This one cost RM 7.90 per cup. I ordered Peach tea.. Yea!! peach tea is my love! haha.. and surprisingly.. Peach tea and Ice lemon tea is free flow.. when u see in the menu that it is written BOTTOMLESS drinks.. means u can neverr see the bottom.... FREE FLOW La it means! ^^

Before the meal fest starts, they give us this one... Actually its different kind of sauce for the platter? i think so. =)

Chef Special soup! They have different soup everyday.. its all depends on the chef. Even in the menu, the ingredients is written : "depends on chef's mood". haha! so cute!

AAHHAAA!! this is the one i m toking!!! the big fest!!! GIANT SEAFOOD PLATTER!! wow!! it is actually enuf for 3 person.. look at the portion! superb! They have garlic rice, Fried fish fillet, fried sotong ring, Fried oyster, Fried prawns and so on!! OMG!! i m drooling now.. haha.. and its only RM 48.90!

Dory Fish in Butter and plum sauce.. hehe! I can tell u this is incredibly nice! it may look nth special but the taste is just unexpectable! TRY THIS!! its RM 19.90. =)

What i can say for the Manhattan Fish Market meal is really satisfying! I can guaranteed u i will visit the restaurant very very very soon! haha.. sorry the picture of food is kinda little.. what to do.. how much can 2 girls eat le~~ *grin* hopefully u will go and try it and giv me some pics???
ANy experiences of going to Manhattan Fish Market?? share share~~~


Anonymous said...

Manhattan fish market! One of my favorite places too! ^_^
but I've never been to the one in Boulevard tho, think i really need to try there instead of the one at The Spring.
Portion looks a lot better!

Fabiola & Woon Yien said...

yealo.. next time try lo.. Boulevard food is owes LARGER.. ^^

Anonymous said...

I love seafood. i have been to The Manhattan Fish Market at both Boulevard and The Spring. I have different food there thats why i dont really know the difference. But what i can say is.. The portion at Boulevard there really looks larger? How come? i thought it should be standardised?

rollakid said...

Conclusion: bubu = rich.

nevertheless pics are nice. Could use better lighting. But it might be a good thing else I'll die of hunger.

Alan said...

haha.. who is bubu? Anyway.. i tried the butter oyster there.. 5 star! you ppl should try that one.

Anonymous said...

I am allegy to Prawn.. *weepz* Do they have chicken or meat?

Alicia said...

oH.. have u try the fish and chips?? it was great~

Stella said...

been there, done that!
MFM is great, not to mention the excellent service and gigantic portion.
I'd say its worth every penny :)

Aunty Suzie said...

ACtually i am quite astonished of the work u girls have done. In only a few weeks, you girls have ate so many food? haha..

However, i bought my family to Manhattan Fish Market. My boy love the Giant Platter.. i think it was the recommended menu ya.

Neko said...

Geeesh..mit, u really enjoy lotsa food recently ya? haha. make sure you don gain weigh.. if not, i will see u stop eating again after the assignment. ^^

SquareRootOne said...

I've never been to any of the franchise, always pass by the place every time I go to Mid Valley, but sadly never went in since Burger King is just next to it..:P Maybe I should try it next week...I don't love food, I appreciate good food...