Monday, March 24, 2008

Food & Tea Restaurant ( Part 2 )

TADDDDAA!! its me again!! posting for Food & Tea Restaurant!! Curious?? yeah.. actually i really do have tonnes of picture about the food at Food & Tea Restaurant.. ^^ Although the food is just ok.. hmm.. actually quite de-li-cious but not really my all time favourite.. the reason i owes been there is because i have a very good friend working at the Spring.. and thats kinda "motivate" us to owes visit her and have our lunch together.. *lalalalalalalalala*
To be honest.. the pricing there is quite expensive.. when i say quite.. it means quite + a lot a lot more quite.. hahaha! well.. eating places like that should have those kinda price lo.. =( poor me~ *sobxxxx*Again!! Its time for food adventure!!!

One of the very cute desert.. taste mango-ish~

Pinkish lover drinks! why is it called so? try and u will noe~

My chicken wing noodles.. haha! OK! never try the noodles.. its so NORMAL!

Oh.. this one is great! butter chicken rice~~ *yummy* drooling now.. *lalala* RECOmMendEd!

Baked rice + Chicken chop + Twin Sauce!!! p/s: there is other place with nicer baked rice *grin*

To be Revealed soon~~ *wuahahahaha*


Richard said...

mostly high calories food, definitely a good place for those who want to gain weight(me) hehe!

Zui said...

the butter chicken look nice. is it expensive?

Anonymous said...

I love butter chicken. Is it one of the very best?

Alicia said...

hhhmm.. wad can i say.. I have been to there once but i never had a chance to actually dine in. It is owes full of ppl. Is the food really nice?

Dangerous-Mel said...

hey babes. I love the pics but i'll prefer more if you have your face in the pictures.

Neko said...

Ya sure, put some pics of u girls. it will attract more viewers i think. haha.. Anyway... i went to Food and tea this afternoon. tried the mushroom soup and.. ermm.. i still prefer the Chef at Home;s. However, the butter chicken rice was Fantastic!!!!!!!!